DVS Limited Warranty

All DVS products are warranted to the original purchaser to be free of defects in products from date of purchase as follows:

Product Warranty Period Coverage
LED Panels 5-Years (1,825 Days) Manufacturing Defects, Components, Pixel/IC Chip Failure
Video Processors (NovaStar)  N/A As warranted by NovaStar 
Video Processors (Brompton) N/A As warranted by Brompton Technology
Rigging Hardware/GSR 1-Year Manufacturing Defects (Parts Only)
Cables & Accessories 30-Days Manufacturing Defects (Parts Only)
B-Stock/Used Products N/A Contact DVS for B-Stock Applicable Warranty Terms


During this period, DVS will, at its discretion, repair or replace the defective component of a unit or replace it with a new or rebuilt one of equal model and product classification. DVS will bear labor and shipping costs for all repairs completed by its authorized service personnel subject to exclusions. This warranty is not a maintenance contract.

The warranty does NOT cover:

  • Damage due to abuse, misuse, or accident.
  • Improper installation workmanship by user or 3rd parties.
  • Products used or installed in conditions or environments exceeding specified application type.
  • Customer supplied power, data, or rigging.
  • Units on which the product or its sticker has been removed or altered.
  • Units that have been serviced or tampered by user or other unauthorized personnel.
  • Labor for module or component installation replaced by user or integration personnel.
  • Damage from exposure to extreme environmental/atmospheric conditions including but not limited to severe weather, natural disaster, salinity or pressure or other conditions which exceed the product’s ingress protection rating.
  • Failure to perform periodic maintenance of the product.
  • 3rd Party Installation, Hardware or Auxiliary Equipment
  • Color and/or brightness consistency without compromising basic product functionality.

All implied warranties, including warranties on merchantability and fitness, are limited in time to the length of this warranty.  DVS’s liability is strictly limited to the repair and/or replacement of its product or component. DVS shall in no way be held liable for incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of their product or its software, including, without limitation, damages from loss of business profits, down time costs, business interruption, loss of business information or other pecuniary loss. DVS will ship repaired and/or replacement components best way at its sole discretion, purchaser is responsible for any expedited shipping costs. 

RMA Procedure

To obtain an RMA, please contact support@dvsledsystems.com or your designated representative with a written description of the problem you are experiencing to obtain an RMA number. Upon receiving an RMA number, the product/component must be packaged in original packaging or other suitable packaging that provides ample protection from ground/air shipping and provide your representative with packaging dimensions to receive an RMA shipping label. Include a brief description of the problem being experienced for the affected part/component being returned. The product/component must be returned in original, unaltered condition without accessories unless otherwise instructed to do so. Products returned for warranty service, which are received damaged due to inadequate and/or improper packaging and/or due to damage caused by shipping carrier may incur additional repair charges before warranty service begins and/or may void this warranty. Any products returned without a valid RMA will be refused and returned at the customer’s expense. Failure to follow these RMA procedures may result in denial of warranty service or additional material/labor costs billable to the customer.

Non-Warranty Service

If it is determined that the product does not meet the terms of our warranty, you will be billed for labor and materials, as well as applicable shipping and insurance. Appropriate shipping charges will be applied. Payment in advance of repair is required by credit card. DVS will contact you and inform you of the cost of the repair before any work is completed.