DVS Limited Warranty

DVS hereby warrants to the original purchaser/owner (“Customer”), DVS products to be free of manufacturing defects in material and workmanship, for the warranty periods as defined in the terms and conditions set forth from the original purchase date established via Invoice or Sales Order. This warranty applies exclusively to new DVS branded products listed below, purchased from DVS or an authorized dealer within the United States of America, including possessions and territories. This warranty is not transferable and may or may not apply to products sold and/or forwarded outside the United States. DVS shall only be obligated to honor this warranty upon receipt of full payment for the equipment. The purchase of DVS product constitutes the Customer’s acceptance of all warranty terms and conditions as listed in this limited warranty statement. 

Product Warranty Period Coverage
LED Panels & LED Displays 5-Years (1,825 Days) Manufacturing Defects, Components, IC Driver Chip, LED Pixel Failure*

*LED pixel failure is defined as an LED pixel that ceases to emit light

Video Processors (NovaStar)  N/A As warranted by NovaStar 
Rigging Hardware/GSR 1-Year (365 Days) Manufacturing Defects (Parts Only)
Cables & Accessories 30-Days Manufacturing Defects (Parts Only)
B-Stock/Used Products N/A Contact DVS for B-Stock Applicable Warranty Terms

During this period, DVS will, at its sole discretion, repair the unit or replace it with a new or rebuilt one of equal model and product classification subject to product lifecycle improvements. DVS will bear material and off-site labor for repairs by its authorized personnel, subject to exclusions. This Warranty does not include on-site labor charges to remove and/or install components or make on-site repairs. DVS may, at its sole and absolute discretion, elect to provide on-site warranty service if conditions precedent. Any repaired/replaced unit will be covered by the balance of time remaining on the original limited warranty unless granted a written warranty extension. This warranty is not a maintenance contract.

The warranty does NOT cover:

  • Damage/Failure due to abuse, misuse, mishandling, neglect, accident, improper storage, or improper installation.
  • Damage/Failure from improper power conditions, over/under-voltages, improper wiring, or electrical surges.
  • Damage/Failure from exposure to extreme environmental/atmospheric conditions including but not limited to severe weather, natural disaster, salinity, corrosives or pressure, or other conditions which exceed the product’s ingress protection rating.
  • Products used or installed in conditions or environments exceeding specified application type or technical specifications.
  • 3rd party supplied hardware, structures, or rigging.
  • Normal wear and/or natural aging of parts and components.
  • Units that have been serviced or tampered with by user or other unauthorized personnel.
  • Labor for removal and/or replacement of LED modules and/or other field-replaceable component assemblies.
  • Incorporation or compatibility with accessories, attachments, software, including without limitation front-end video control systems, audio systems, external video processors and players, or other devices not furnished by DVS.
  • Security or functionality of the user’s network, cellular connectivity, or other integration systems.
  • Color and/or brightness difference without compromising basic product functionality. 
  • Equipment rental or ancillary costs of modifications, removal of structural/decorative elements for removal, installation or service access to the product.

DVS’ warranty obligation is limited solely to the repair or replacement for the particular product or part(s) determined by DVS to have failed for a covered cause within the warranty period. In no event shall DVS be responsible for replacing, repair or extend the warranty for any products or portions of a system that DVS determines has not failed for a covered cause within the warranty period, even if such other products or portions of a system are used together with products being repaired or replaced by DVS under this warranty and the repaired product differs in brightness, colors or any other attribute after the repair. No agent, employee, dealer, distributor, or representative of DVS may bind DVS to any terms or conditions beyond the scope of this limited warranty. Any provisions contained in the purchaser’s purchase order or any other purchase document that conflict with the terms and conditions of this limited warranty or which are not expressly set forth in this limited warranty shall be of no force or effect. 

All implied warranties, including warranties on merchantability and fitness, are limited in time to the length of this warranty.  DVS’s liability is strictly limited to the repair and/or replacement of its product or component. DVS shall in no way be held liable for incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use of their product or its software, including, without limitation, damages from loss of business profits, downtime costs, business interruption, loss of business information, or other pecuniary loss. DVS is not responsible for any shipping delays, parts shortages, Force Majeure, or any other events out of its immediate control, nor shall DVS have any liability whatsoever to Purchaser for any such occurrence.

All warranty claims must be reported within the applicable warranty period. Claims reported after the warranty expiration date will not be considered, regardless of the occurrence date. A dated proof of purchase and batch/serial number by Sales Order, Invoice, or an approved DVS Extended Warranty Registration (“EWR”) must be presented at the time warranty service is sought. Failure to provide acceptable evidence of product proof of purchase or EWR may result in denial of warranty service.

RMA Procedure

To obtain an RMA, please contact DVS Technical Support via support@dvsledsystems.com or visit dvsledsystems.com/support to submit a ticket with a detailed description of the problem you are experiencing to obtain an RMA number. Upon receiving an RMA number, the product/component must be packaged in original packaging or other suitable packaging that provides ample protection from ground/air shipping. Include a brief description of the problem being experienced for the affected part/component being returned. The product/component must be returned in original, unaltered condition without accessories unless otherwise instructed to do so. Products returned for warranty service, which are received damaged due to inadequate and/or improper packaging and/or due to damage caused by shipping carrier may incur additional repair charges before warranty service begins and/or may void this warranty. Any products returned without a valid RMA will be refused and returned at the customer’s expense. Failure to follow these RMA procedures may result in denial of warranty service or additional material/labor costs billable to the customer. 

The purchaser is responsible for all shipping costs and applicable insurance to DVS’s service facility. DVS shall not be obligated to replace any products or components under this warranty in the event of loss and/or damage by the shipping carrier. DVS will pay return shipping costs for repaired and/or replacement components best way at its discretion, the purchaser is responsible for any expedited shipping costs. DVS is not responsible for any additional fees, duties, taxes in accordance with shipping/receiving the product.

Non-Warranty Service

If it is determined that the product does not meet the terms of our warranty, you will be billed for labor and materials, as well as applicable shipping and insurance. If no issue is found with the product, a minimum $95 bench service fee and appropriate shipping charges will be applied. Payment in advance of repair and/or return of the product is required by credit card. DVS will contact you and inform you of the cost of the repair before any work is completed.