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A revolutionary technology that ends the green screen era, LED video panels prove to be the ideal solution for Virtual Production, Extended Reality (xR) and Film Studios. When combined with Camera Tracking, and media-engine technology, an LED video wall, also referred to as “LED Volumes” effortlessly portrays sets, backgrounds, and even full environments virtually. It allows for maximum flexibility and scalability that can replace costly set designs and additional post-production editing.


A perfect balance of Performance...

Virtual Production is not just a matter of building an LED screen. It’s where the LED panels, processing and camera work in harmony to create a stunning effect. As the LED pixels are driven in real time with extensive rendering processes, Virtual Production applications command a high-level of performance and specification in order to display correctly, accurately and responsively on-camera.

DVS offers an extensive range of xR-centric LED panels that are precisely engineered to offer powerful features and advanced display technology to meet the most critical applications. Designed with end-user functionality and ease of use in mind that optimizes value at compelling price points. The range is offered across various performance of levels to make this ground-breaking technology accessible across multiple production types within the xR sector without compromise to quality and maximizing ROI.

Balance is key…

Ultra-Advanced Technology

Ultra-Black LED Technology

A combination of premium, bespoke black-face LED diodes and non-reflective masking to deliver exceptionally high contrast levels natively. Ensuring more color accuracy, less reflection from front lighting elements, and less moire on camera. A standard baseline for performance that better supports camera sensors and exposure flexibility.

Ultra-High Refresh Rate

Refresh rates up to 7,680Hz to provide unrivaled appearance on-camera, free from artifacts while expanding compatibility for high-frame rate shooting along, increased motion fluidness and responsiveness. This functionality is available in even our finest pixel pitch. The baseline, broadcast-ready 3,840Hz option is available as cost-effective solution for entry- to mid-range applications.

Low Scan Rates

Complimenting High Refresh Rates, available Ultra-Low Scan Rates decrease the number of LEDs turning off while rendering an image. Further enhancing shutter speed flexibility while minimizing risk of scan lines and shutter roll across a wide range of shooting conditions. Improving gradient detail, frame multiplexing performance, and supporting high frame rate shooting up to 240Hz.

Ultra-Wide Viewing Angle

Standardized 160º H / 140º V viewing angle across all models offers a heightened level in flexibility for shooting angles and lens compatibility with minimal deviation in imagery or colors throughout various position within the LED volume, even while flat, curved or multi-sided. Allowing more flexibility with positioning and easier on-site re-configurations or touring solutions.

Precise Colors

HDR | HLG | DCI-P3 | REC.709 | REC.2020 – READY

Advanced processing that enhance image quality that deliver nothing less than fluid, lifelike colors. Standardized state-of-the-art in-panel RX cards offer support 8/10/12-bit HDR10/HLG instances across all ranges delivering more color detail and brighter content. High Gray-Scale and Extended Bit-Depth modes via advanced LED image boosting technology ensure refined gradients and less banding with dark colors.

Models are available with full DCI-P3, REC.709 REC.2020 capabilities, allowing the fullest extent of the color gamut to be reached via carefully selected LED diodes with strict binning and color wavelength control.

Discover The Lineup

Retina Series

Performance driven with exceptional value

Retina series sets the baseline that delivers image performance and functionality without compromise. Integrating Ultra-Black LED technology, Retina series offers stunning contrast ratios along with advanced image processing options that natively supports HDR10/HLG, Low-Latency, Extended Gray Scale functions and more. A standard 3,840Hz refresh rate and lower scan rates is offered to deliver optimal performance on-camera for broadcast and studio uses. A patented CURVLOK™ system and innovative rigging system offer precise seamlessness for flat, convex, concave and multi-sided configurations. Panels are offered in single (500x500mm / 19×19″) or double-size (500x1000mm / 19×39″) variants for maximum flexibility and cost-optimization.

Pixel Pitch: 1.9mm | 2.6mm | 2.9mm | 2.9mm (Outdoor)
Refresh Rate: 3,840≥ Hz
Scan Rate: 1/16 | 1/21 (2.9mm) | 1/24 (2.6mm)
Features: HDR10/HLG | 22Bit+ Clearview | Low-Latency
Control System: NovaStar COEX | Brompton

Retina ONE XR Series

Ultra-High Refresh Rate – Ultra-Low Scan Rate – DCI-P3, REC.709, REC.2020 compliant.

Retina-ONE 1.5™


The ultimate in unrivaled performance. Retina-ONE 1.5™ features a 1.5mm pixel pitch incorporating bespoke technology for moire-reduction and an ultra-wide 160º viewing angle, making it the ideal solution for close shooting/focus distances. It offers an industry-leading 7,680Hz Refresh Rate combined with an impressively-low 1/20 scan rate for uncompromised performance.

Refresh Rate: 7,680≥ Hz
Scan Rate: 1/20
Control System: Brompton / NovaStar COEX
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Retina-ONE 1.9™


Retina-ONE 1.9 features a 1.9mm pixel pitch incorporating matte finish Ultra-Black technology delivering life-lick colors with exceptional brightness while supporting close shooting distances. A 7,680Hz Refresh Rate combined with an ultra-low 1/8 scan rate provides exceptional performance and value that can’t otherwise be achieved by the competition.

Refresh Rate: 7,680≥ Hz
Scan Rate: 1/8
Control System: Brompton / NovaStar COEX
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Retina-ONE 2.3™

Retina ONE SMD Rear

Retina-ONE 2.3 features 2.3mm pixel pitch incorporating DCI-compliant high-fill SMD LEDs that result in an ultra-wide 160º viewing angle with minimal moire. With high-performance IC driver chips, it maintains a 7,680Hz Refresh Rate combined with an ultra-low 1/9 scan rate for complete flexibility with color accuracy in all shooting environments.

Refresh Rate: 7,680≥ Hz
Scan Rate: 1/9
Control System: Brompton / NovaStar COEX
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Retina-ONE 2.6™


Retina-ONE 2.6 features a 2.6mm pixel pitch incorporating DCI-compliant high-fill matte finish SMD LEDs that result in exceptional color quality. It optimizes cost while maintaining resolution and critical optical characteristics for xR environments featuring a 7,680Hz Refresh Rate along with an ultra-low 1/8 scan rate excelling in on-camera performance.

Refresh Rate: 7,680≥ Hz
Scan Rate: 1/8
Control System: Brompton / NovaStar COEX
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VR Series - Touring


VR-Series Touring offers a lightweight ergonomic solution ideal for mobile solutions with frequent setup & teardown. It features a lightweight carbon fiber/magnesium material with an integrated carbon-fiber folding tour frame that serves as the rear ground support structure for the LED screen or can be used for wind-bracing. It significantly reduces build-time while making its travel and storage footprint more compact.

Pixel Pitch: 2.8mm, 3.9mm (Indoor) | 3.9mm, 4.8mm (Outdoor)
Refresh Rate: 3,840≥ Hz
Brightness: 1,500 – 5,000 NITS
Control System: NovaStar COEX / Brompton
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VR Series - Lite


VR-Series Lite offers an extremely lightweight solution as a result of its carbon fiber magnesium material. Allowing a single panel to weigh as little as 11lbs / 5kg, it significantly reduces rigging weight-load for overhead and ceiling applications with a high durability factor while implementing unique features for safety and serviceability. The VR Series can be configured with high-output LEDs illuminating set subjects with remarkably precise colors.

Pixel Pitch: 2.8mm | 3.9mm | 6.9mm semi-transparent
Refresh Rate: 3,840≥ Hz
Brightness: 1,500 – 4,500 NITS
Control System: NovaStar COEX / Brompton
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Control At Your Fingertips

Key Features

HDR brings your LED screen a greater level of brightness with refined highlights and shadows. An HDR image appears considerably sharper and more detailed resulting in a lifelike image.

Image boost further refine the image quality and color accuracy on the LED. NovaStar COEX options offer 22Bit+ Clearview mode to enhance contrast levels, improve color accuracy and reduce power consumption. While Brompton control options achieve these affects through PureTone, DarkMagic, and Extended Bit Depth functions.

High Frame Rate support allows DVS xR-centric LED panels to display video content at up to 250fps. Allowing for extremely smooth visuals and allows for cameras to record slow-motion effects with perfect synchronization without flicker. Additional options are available for 120fps & 144fps.

Ultra low latency functions to allow latency to be as low as 1 frame for a highly responsive LED screen. Critical to achieving optimal performance with camera tracking, virtual studio, and complex visual effects.

Genlock can be used to lock the processor and media engine refresh to the camera’s shutter. This provides a better on-camera performance, by preventing the unsightly rolling black bars seen on video walls using free-running systems. Processing options offer bi-/tri sync input with customizable frame delay capabilities.

Complete control for adjustment and full replacement of colors. 14-way color correction can allow precise adjustment of hue, saturation, and brightness of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors as well as basic black and white ensuring your cameras see colors with complete accuracy.

Both control system options are capable of 3D LUT support.

Frame Remapping allows multiple cameras are various angles to see different content from the same LED screen simultaneously. Significantly improving virtual production workflows. Customizable adjustments can be made to refine the visibility point and black frames can be added to reduce motion blur.

Shutter Synchronization allows camera shutter speeds to be perfectly in sync with LED screen to prevent artifacts from appearing on screen. Expanding flexibility with various camera types and configuration.

Exclusive to Brompton in partnership with Mo-Sys, camera trackers can be overlaid on the video content on the LED screen, allowing for more precise tracking throughout all zones of the LED volume and eliminating complications with physical placement, especially in LED Ceilings.

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