Optic-3 Dual Screen 8×5 Ft P3.9 LED Video Wall System Package


  • (30) DVS Optic-3 High-Resolution LED Video Panels
  • (1) NovaStar VX4S LED Video Processor
  • (10) RB-500 Rigging Bars
  • (4) 500S Road cases
  • (6) PowerCON Master-In
  • (30) PowerCON Jumper Cables
  • (4) RJ45 Master-In
  • (30) Datalink Cables

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Product Description

This dual-screen complete LED Video Wall package includes everything you need to have a turnkey system that provides high-resolution video in a variety of environments. A perfect solution for both fixed install and touring applications including Nightclubs, Touring Concerts, Houses of Worship, Display Applications, events and so much more! This configuration allows a user to setup (x2) 8-ft wide by 5-ft high LED screens, (x1) 12-ft wide by 6.5-ft high screen or (x1) 16-ft wide by 5-ft high screen as well as any size in between. This package offers a wide range of configuration options scalable to the needs of a user’s application with ease. Included are (30) DVS Optic-3, P3.9 LED video panels to deliver crystal clear video efficiently. The panels feature black-body LEDs to deliver vivid, high-contrast image and video quality from close viewing distances. A 3,840+hz refresh rate delivers exceptional on-camera performance and more fluid image movements than its competition. The Optic-3 features a modular design with magnetically attached modular LED sections to allow for easy front and rear serviceability. The Optic-3 uses direct PCB module connections paired with a NovaStar A5S receiving card for top-level performance and reliability. Built-in corner protectors ensure better protection during setup and transport along with our optional iPRIS™ Impact Resistant protection upgrade that can further protect the LED pixels from direct impact.

This system includes (x1) NovaStar VX4S LED video processor/scaler. This processor offers built-in scaling to properly fit your content to the screen from any video source without the need for additional software. For added flexibility and compatibility, the VX4S also features HDMI Input, Seamless Switching between inputs and Picture-in-Picture mode. One processor can support both LED screens to mirror the same image simultaneously from a single input provided that the screens are the same size. NOTE: Applications requiring separate use or a separate input for each screen, require an additional processor.

Also included are (10) hanging bars for safe rigging, 3 flight cases, along with all necessary PowerCON and EtherCON cables. Ready to plug, program, and play!

What’s Included:

  • (30) DVS Optic-3 P3.9 High-Resolution LED Video Panels
  • (1) NovaStar VX4S LED Video Processor
  • (10) RB-500 Rigging Bars
  • (4) Road Cases
  • (6) PowerCON Master-In
  • (30) PowerCON Jumper Cables
  • (4) RJ45 Master-In
  • (30) Datalink Cables

Outdoor & Permanent Install Options Available

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Additional information

System Dimensions

98.4" W x 59.0" H / 5×3 screen

Panel Dimenions

19.68 in L x 19.68 in W x 2.9 in D



Pixel Pitch


LED Type


Refresh Rate

3,840+ hz


16-Bit +/-


Selectable 110/230v

Power Consumption

80w Avg, 170w Max / Panel

Power Connection

PowerCON In/Thru

Data Connection

EtherCON RJ45 In/Thru

Wall Size

8 Feet




3 Years