Trade Show LED Video Wall

Trade Show LED Video Wall Solutions

LED video walls offer exhibitors the flexibility to create eye-catching, dynamic digital displays for setting your brand to make an impact for any tradeshow. The modular design of LED video panels that form an LED wall offer unlimited scaliability and unique design potential that can integrate seamlessly into the exhibit construction. Delivering a vivid, seamless image in ambient light conditions, LED walls are free of visible bezzles often found with video walls composed of LCD monitors. LED Video walls are a low maintenance, cost-effective, flexible solution for both exhibitor ownership and rental inventory for exhibit houses.

DVS LED Systems offers a dynamic range of LED video solutions including ultra-fine pitch and curving LED displays that are built to compliment any booth design. Available in flown, floor-standing and wall-mounted orientations, DVS LED video panels are cost-effective with uncompromised quality backed by an industry leading warranty and US-based support.

DVS specializes in supplying LED video solutions specifically catered for trade shows, exhibitors and exhibit houses. Our LED video consultants possess a keen knowledge of trade shows to thoroughly understand the needs of your booth design to help you develop a solution that best suits your application.