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Digital Signage

Digital Signage LED Displays

Bold Message. Effective Engagement.

Digital Signage Basics

Digital signage is rapidly growing as companies are seeking to take advantage of high traffic areas to convey their message and enhance costumer engagement. Digital signage enhances the experience and functionality for end users by offering flexible customization that can be edited and updated in a matter of seconds. This can be achieved by displaying images, videos, or text containing pertinent information to inform, entertain, or educate patrons.

Eliminating the long and labor intensive printing process, digital signage gives you the ability to switch or alter your displayed content in real-time from a variety of devices, from any location.

Digital signage, both large and small scale, come in a few different forms ranging from LED, LCD, and projection. For indoor, outdoor and creative applications, LED video displays for digital signal can offer the best level of fexibility and performance for an optimal ROI in a wide range of commercial markets.

Benefits of LED Digital Signage

LED displays use thousands of closely-knitted light-emitting diodes to create an image. Encapsulated red, green, and blue LEDs are grouped on a black facia to deliver vibrant images and video content. LED video panels use a patented interlocking system to create a seamless gap between each panel for a completely uniform and seamless display that is scalable to any unique shape or size.

LED displays are bright, reliable, and energy-efficient while offering the best color accuracy and refresh rates of any display type available today. LED displays can offer a great level of design flexibility for architectural integrations. IP65-rated options with high-output LEDs gives the user the capability to display their message outdoors, resisting the elements and visible in broad daylight.

These qualities make LED video displays an excellent choice for large-scale digital displays that demand high-impact visuals.

Real Time Updates

Quickly update your media and content through a multitude of devices. Save time and eliminate printing costs by simply uploading images and videos to your LED display at anytime in a matter of seconds.

Creative Flexbility

Unlimited, modular scalability to create any shape or size to compliment your arcitectural design. Limitless mounting options. Creative solutions for curved LED screens, transparent window screens, multi-sided, and seamless 90-degree corners.

Outdoor Options

True outdoor visual reinforcement. IP65-rated enclosures to resist harsh weather elements. High output brightness for optimal visibility in broad daylight with automatic dimming according to ambient light conditions.

Easy Serviceability

Modular components for easy serviceability and low maintenance. Front-serviceability for limited access applications both indoor and outdoor.

Indoor LED Display Signage

Indoor LED video display solutions can consist of storefront window displays, interactive digital displays, and creative visual reinforcement that drives engagement. LED displays can provide a wide range of creative flexibility such as transparent LED screens, curving options, and 90-degree corners to seamlessly compliment the arcitectural design of the enviroment. Creating an unforgettable first impression to the customer.

Direct View LED Digital Signage

Outdoor LED Display Signage

Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor LED displays consist of street signage, billboards, and creative signage to attract both foot and road traffic into your store or venue. Fully weatherproof, robust design with high output brightness to optimize visibility in high ambient light conditions with limitless design flexibility and easy serviceability.

DVS LED Digital Signage Solutions

DVS provides an extensive line of cost-effective LED video display products that have been designed to provide an exceptional level of performance and functionaltiy to provide the best possible ROI to for a wide range of applications.

DVS LED video display solutions have been engineered and developed to streamline the most highly sought after features while maintaining attractive price points backed by an uncompromised warranty and unmatched nationwide support.

Featured Products


Ultra-fine pitch, 1.2mm direct mount LED displays. ViuPlex series panels are offered in a 16:9 ratio enclosure for true direct-view digital signage applications.


Cost-effective, direct-wall mount LED display solutions. Front-accessible with 90-degree corner options.

DioPlex Series

Outdoor LED signage solutions. Front-serviceable, fully weather proof enclosures. High brightness for daylight visibility. Available in dual sided, 90-degree and curved options.

ViziPlex Series

Transparent LED video display solutions. Ideal for window store fronts. High resolution clarity with visibility from behind. High output brightness for outdoor visibility.

PR-FBWM Wall Mount

A streamlined, uniform, OEM wall mount solution. Modular scalability with adjustable balancing for all models