Purchasing Questions

Delivery times will vary depending on product availability, configuration, and size. For in-stock products that can fulfill the needs of your application, delivery can be in as little as 7-10 business days. Please contact us to verify availability.

DVS aims to curate unique solutions with its dynamic product line that best suit the specific requirements and needs of each application. Some products, customized solutions, and/or unique application requirements may require special ordering where extended lead times will apply. Your DVS representative will provide estimated timelines in accordance with the solution designed specifically for you.

It’s important to note that delays are possible due to uncontrollable circumstances such as supply chain, shipping, quality control, holidays, and force majeure events. Lead times can be subject to change. We advise our customers to wait until the purchased equipment has been fully delivered, performed an inspection, and (if needed) received setup/operational training before committing to any events or installation dates. Cancellation policies apply.

We ship (and support) our products to all 50 U.S. States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

For all other countries and destinations, please inquire or contact your local distributor.

DVS stands behind its products to ensure your investment is not only protected by an industry-leading warranty but goes the extra mile to ensure the service and support you need results in virtually zero downtime and minimal long-term ownership costs that further increase the ROI of owning a DVS product.

DVS offers a Standard, Signature 5-year warranty on all parts, components, labor by authorized personnel, and even shipping costs both ways for any components sent back to our facility for service. Extended warranty options up to 10 years are available on select products and applications.

DVS additionally offers unlimited technical support via phone, email, and remote desktop should you need any technical assistance. This service is available at no charge throughout ownership. Our support team is based in the US, and available 24/7/365.

Our warehouse features a state-of-the-art service facility in Florida with parts readily in stock and trained personnel to service your product. Our network of Authorized Dealers and 3rd Party Service Professionals can also provide on-site service when necessary.

Yes! We have partnered with financial institutions to offer unique financing programs to any business or organization. Our lending partners can offer tax-deductible programs with low down payments and flexible approval criteria for new businesses or challenged credit.

You can learn more about our financing program here.

While it is possible to add more panels, color and brightness differences between purchased sets can occur due to production batches and the natural aging of LEDs that occurs with use over time. This is universal across all manufacturers.

We do offer some calibration options that can mitigate this and provide a close match, but it is not guaranteed. It is an industry best practice to purchase the largest screen possible that you will need in the long term.

For more info on this, check out our buyer’s guide article about production batches.

Our LED Video Wall panels are modular. They’re designed to be used in multiple quantities to create many different possible screen sizes and formats for complete scalability and flexibility. The width and height of your screen can be adjusted in increments of 1.6 – 3′ depending on panel size.

Our screen sizes generally start at 8-ft / 2.5M OR 110″ diagonal. This is also our minimum order requirement.

LED video walls are primarily designed for Large-Format use. With exceptions for creative applications such as seamless corners or wide formats like banners or ticker displays.

For screens under 110 inches, we encourage considering televisions instead. When it comes to TVs and LED walls, pricing and value for the technology directly correlate. TV screens under 110 inches will be generally cheaper than LED panels and provide better image clarity for the size.

Therefore, our general minimum screen size requirement is 110 inches diagonal OR 8-ft / 2.5M for other formats. Some specialty products may have additional order requirements. If you have a special application that requires a smaller size, please contact us with appropriate details.

LED video walls are classified as professional video equipment, primarily designed for commercial use. While it is possible to integrate an LED video wall into a home, there are many variables and requirements to install that should only be performed by a qualified professional AV installer.

To learn more about what is required, please read our buyer’s research article about Residential LED video walls so you can know what to expect.

If you are interested in integrating one of our LED products into your home, please contact your nearest Authorized Dealer for assistance. We unfortunately, cannot sell our products directly to homeowners.

Yes! We have a state of the art showroom at our Fort Lauderdale, FL headquarters with all of our products on display. Our showroom is open to the prospective end-users and dealers.

All showroom visits are strictly by appointment only.  This will ensure any specific products you wish to see are available, ready for demo and appropriate time can be allocated for a representative to assist you.

To request an showroom appointment at a time that works for you, please email showroom@dvsledsystems.com

The P numbers or mm numbers listed throughout our website represent the pixel pitch of a certain panel model or video wall package. This number indicates the spacing, in millimeters, between each LED pixel to measure pixel density. You can learn more about pixel pitch in our article here.

If you’re not sure what product will best suit you, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team. Our representatives are highly trained to evaluate and fully understand the needs of your application to advise what product is will best suit your application, as well as provide a wealth of information to help you make an informed and confident purchase decision.

DVS specifically focuses on the sales and service of LED video display systems. We have a large network of rental and production partners throughout the US.

If you are interested in a rental for an event, please contact us.

Technical Questions

There are generally 3 ways in which an LED video wall can be mounted or supported.

Flown from Truss/Rigging/Ceiling – This is where the LED screen is hung from an overhead structure. In stage/entertainment applications this can commonly be truss or pipe grid.

Ground Supported – This method requires purchasing a ground support system that is fixated behind the LED screen. These can be modular for mobile use or event production use, and the bottom of the screen will generally sit just a few inches off the floor. For permanent outdoor installations, a custom structure will need to be fabricated.

Wall Mount – Wall-mounted LED screens allow for an integrated look into your space. Wall-mount solutions are permanently installed and can require some preparation to ensure a safe and professional installation. Wall-mounted LED panels are a different product with a different design to ensure ease of installation and easy access from the front of the screen for future servicing without requiring removal or disassembly.

DVS offers an extensive range of panels that can uniquely support each of the above-listed mounting types. If you’re unsure which product will support your desired mounting type or which mounting type is right for you, please contact our sales department.

If you are purchasing an LED wall for mobile, stage, or special event use using your own modular support structure, such as trussing or a ground support kit, this can typically be set up on your own with guidance from our team.

For permanent solutions, of any mounting type, professional installation by a qualified integration personnel is recommended. It is not as easy as hanging a TV, trust us. It is critical to ensure LED panels are hung/mounted level, with equal weight distribution. Otherwise, seams can occur and compromise the viewing experience. Additionally, LED walls can weigh a significant amount, anywhere from 300 – 2,000 lbs, and must be installed securely for the safety of those on stage and potentially those in the audience.

Please visit our Provider Locator page to locate an installer for consultation or contact us for more information.

Yes! Our GSR ground-support system provides an intuitive solution that allows you to safely floor-stand your video wall from the ground for indoor applications. For outdoor, there are custom fabrication options for permanent installations and truss solutions for mobile applications.

This will greatly depend on the model used, the configuration of your system, and power availability. The general rule of thumb is no more than (x8) 500x500mm panels and no more than (x6) 500x1000mm panels on a single 20-amp circuit.

Your DVS representative can assist you in calculating the necessary power requirements specifically for your system.

DVS maintains a Nationwide network of Authorized Dealers and Certified Installers to fully assist you with the implementation and initial deployment of your LED screen as well as provide you with local support should you need any assistance post-installation.

You can locate your nearest authorized dealer here.

No. Important functions such as rigging hardware, interlocks, curving (if applicable), optical shaders, and weather resistance for outdoor models are designed for vertical/portrait orientation. However, all DVS 500×1000 panels are cross-compatible with 500x500mm variants for flexibility.

This primarily depends on your application type:

For most applications, you will need a PC or MAC in order to configure the video wall. If you plan to use a computer for video output, your computer will need a secondary display output to connect to the video processor such as HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, or DVI. DVS processors and controllers can accept HDMI, DVI, VGA, and SDI connections.

For digital signage, NovaStar’s Taurus multi-media players can allow you to store and playback your images, text, and video wirelessly from a single device. With options for remote management over WiFi & 4G cloud control.

For configuration and control of your LED screen, you will need NovaStar’s LCT or SmartLCT software. This program is solely for configuration as well as certain control and diagnostic functions related to your video wall. It does not have any media playback capabilities.

NOTE: Some processors allow you to configure the screen directly through an on-board menu.

For general media playback, your video wall will essentially mirror whatever input source you connect to the processor. So you can use any existing video or presentation software you are most comfortable with.

For signage applications, you will need NovaStar’s ViPlex program to schedule and playback your media. This can be a great, free alternative that allows for some customization.

For more advanced applications, such as multi-screen operation. There are more advanced programs available like Resolume for mapping complex screen designs.

Yes. Please be sure to let us know the devices you wish to use so we can provide a compatible processor with your system.

Yes, but this typically requires a processor with SDI input. Please let us know your requirements so we can supply you with a compatible processor or interface.